Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Song A Day: 2/10/2009

02\06\09: Me and the Pope

I had some time on Saturday to write and record a rock song, so I worked very quickly. Threw down the guitar tracks first, consisting of:

1. Jaguar clone (Jay Turner) with 3 P90s (Vintage Vibe) into '63 Tremolux w/ 2x12 Celestions.

2. Les Paul Custom into same amp.

Aimed the U87 at the center cone of the top speaker.

Recorded the vocals (U87). Used a modified Glynn Johns miking configuration for the drums (414 OH, U87 just above the floor tom and aimed at the rack tom, D112 in kick (with front head removed) and SM81 below the snare.

I constructed a 1" deep wooden floor out of 4x8 OSR planks, complete with metal brackets to prevent the kick drum from sliding forward. Drum sounds have improved as a result. I'm not very happy with the Evans EC head on the snare, however. It makes the snare drum sound too boxy and timbale-ish for my taste. I've already ordered a Remo Black Dot (single ply) as a replacement. Oh well.

Bass was recorded through a Bad Monkey overdrive into the Groovetubes DI.

This needs to be properly mixed.

02/07/09: Second Life

Used the U87 for vocals and the same mic setup for the drums. The mix that I uploaded (around 2 AM Monday) isn't quite right, so I plan to upload a better mix once Chris sets up the track editing feature in the admin tools.

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